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Light emitting diodes for LED display

LED TV backlight replacement

LED backlight on the blink? Contact our engineers in Leeds today.

Is a faulty backlight ruining your viewing or gaming experience? We can help.

Over time, the LED backlight on your TV will begin to degrade. You might have noticed a gradual decrease in quality recently, with the screen flickering, dark and light sections appearing, or light being distributed unevenly (making it difficult to see what’s going on). And of course, eventually the screen will go black altogether.


Whether you’re an avid gamer, a casual TV viewer or a pub hoping to draw in punters for a major sports event, the frustration is all too real. Thankfully, at Northern Traders Leeds we are always on hand to offer prompt, reliable and affordable backlight replacements for your LED TVs.

We also repair OLED TV, QLED TV and NANO TV (LG)!

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Man watching television

How do you know the backlight has gone?

If you’re unsure, one of our engineers will be happy to diagnose the problem and carry out an affordable repair. However, you can usually tell the backlight has failed by shining a torch into the screen while the TV is switched on. If you are just about able to make out a dark image on the screen, it’s very likely your backlight that's the issue.


Other common indications are:

  • Screen has gone blank

  • Screen is flickering

  • Light is leaking from the edge of the screen

  • Light and dark sections are appearing across the screen

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Affordable, reliable repairs throughout Yorkshire

As frustrating as a faulty backlight can be, it can easily be replaced by our friendly and professional engineers here at Northern Traders Leeds.

In addition to backlights, we repair the following:

  • Lines and bands appearing down and across the screen

  • Picture jumping upwards

  • Half the picture missing

  • Parts of the screen obscured

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Worried about the cost of replacing your LED or LCD screen? It may be a lot cheaper than you think! 
Call now for an estimate on 0113 238 3280.

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